Sterling silver charm bracelets have fluctuated as fashion trends, but they are now being worn as social statements.

The past couple decades have seen the rise and fall of the Tiffany’s charm bracelet with its unmistakable chunky chain and heart tag. Pandora’s charm bracelets and Italian charms have also been popular gifts. If you don’t know what to get your mother or girlfriend for a gift, a charm bracelet is the way to go. Sterling silver charms are a great gift option for nearly any occasion.

Not only are they fun, but they become a never-ending gift muse. Once you purchase a sterling silver charm bracelet for a loved one, a new charm is always a gift option for the next holiday.

Today’s sterling silver charms have not strayed much from their earlier counterparts, but they are being worn with more purpose.

Meghan Markle wore a charm bracelet to support homeless and at-risk women.

The American actress was meeting her boyfriend, Prince Harry, at the polo, and her fashion bracelet choice caught the attention of the media. Markle’s bracelet is part of The Shoebox Project out of Canada, and her purchase of the bracelet was coupled with another bracelet that would be donated to a woman in a shelter.

Markle’s sterling silver charm bracelet reveals sterling silver is not tacky cheap but rather socially sheek.

In fact, John Hardy, fashion jewelry artisan turned jewelry company, has been producing high-end sterling silver charms for years.

Sterling silver jewelry has been called “fake” or “costume” jewelry, but there are benefits to buying this metal above others.

  • brilliance – it is beautiful metal
  • affordability – it is inexpensive
  • life – it can be polished for many years to achieve its original brilliance
  • style – sterling silver can be replaced to match trends easily due to low cost
  • color – because it is silver color, it can be worn with many other metals

Sterling silver charms are timeless

Even if it isn’t worn often, each charm on a sterling silver charm bracelet has meaning. A person can simply hold the bracelet and look at it to recall special memories and recollect important events in his or her life. The birth of a child, graduations, marriage, special vacations and holidays can be represented with a charm.

Additionally, charms can be worn as a fashion statement. Different-colored charms can be mixed and matched to fit wardrobe choices. Social-statement charm bracelets have clean lines, typically with one charm to make a bold statement.

The statements made by charm bracelets are endless, and they can be as bold or as fashion-forward as one desires.

While Markle’s low-profile charm bracelet is simple, it is sophisticated. It was the least expensive item she wore to meet her boyfriend at the polo, yet it was an item that communicated much more than her luxurious clothing.